Gilbride-Collins (Carney) Descendants
This "Tree" goes sideways with Siblings & Cousins being the same Color

Patrick Carney
B Ireland

Catherine Carney

Timothy Collins
B Ireland
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Catherine Collins

Charles F. Gilbride I
Muriel Gilbride

Eddie Hynes
Patrick Gilbride

Henrietta Martin
B London
Eddie Hynes
Billy Hynes
Muriel Hynes
Rita Gilbride

Steve Pallay
Kathy Pallay
Stephen Pallay
Charles Gilbride II

Alice Pollock
Charles Gilbride III

Sheila Sullivan
Sean Robert Gilbride
Charles Francis Gilbride IV
Jim Gilbride
Richie Gilbride
Packy Gilbride

Rita McGlinchey
Kevin Gilbride
Dennis Gilbride
Tommy Gilbride
Timmy Gilbride
William Gilbride

Agnes Messing
Kathleen Gilbride
Frankie Gilbride

Harriet Glynn
Frank Gilbride
Tommy Gilbride

Joan Fagan
Clare Gilbride

Gary Savage
Matthew Savage
Elizabeth Savage
Michael Gilbride

Provi Castro
Joseph Gilbride

Barbara Squitieri
Kathleen Gilbride
Joseph Gilbride
Joan Gilbride

Dave Conyers
Bryan Conyers
Julia Conyers
Caroline Gilbride

Tommy Hopkins
Clare Hopkins
Francis Hopkins
Grace Hopkins
Mary Gilbride

Greg Conyers
Allyson Conyers
Meaghan Conyers
Emily Conyers
Jackie Gilbride
Kenny Gilbride
Janet Gilbride

James Murphy
James Murphy
Brian Murphy

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