All About Me
Hi! I'm Mary Bernadette, aka Mimi. I was born in Brooklyn New York at Methodist Hospital. I was born on February 25 1966 so

I am the youngest of 6. I love Disney, especially Winnie the Pooh!!

I'm the baby

Christmas Baby

Caroline & Me- Quality Time!

#rd Ave Raggamuffin parade

Little Bo Peep

Graduation Notre Dame Academy

Hunter Mountain

Senior Ski Trip

Oh My! St Anselm's school picture

Senior Prom

One of our 1st GS camping trips

Ally's communion

Disney 2005

Disney summer 2007

Me & Emily & Allyson
Miscellaneous Stuff

Pet Peeves

    People Who don't pull over for ambulances
    People who don't use their directional signals
    People who talk on their cell phone:
  • While Driving
  • During a movie
  • So Loudly that everyone can hear them
    • People who are mean to animals
      People who are mean to children

    Maple Story Characters

    My Bumper Sticker Collection



    Born February 1966
    Graduated St Anselm's Elementary 1980
    Graduated Notre Dame Academy 1984
    Attended Inoa College 1984-1985
    Attended Staten Island Community College 1985-1987
    Worked National Park Service, Manahattan Sites 198?-1989
    Married Gregory Paul Conyers November 1988
    Mom died 1978 & Dad died 1983
    Allyson born 1989
    Meaghan born 1994
    Emily born 1995
    Gall Bladder surgery 1994
    Lost my marbles - Not too long ago!!!

    There's no place like HOME