Meaghan Anne

Just home from the hospital

Meg loved these guys!

a visit from cousin Clare

Meg's Baptism

Napping after Baptism

Meg & Belboz

First Halloween with Ally & Meg

what a cute kitty!

Flying horse Carousel, Watch Hill RI

out for an excursion in RI

Sand baby

Still a Sand Baby

Enjoying the waves with Grandma

hanging with Grandpa in RI

Who wore who out??

napping on the couch

Splish, Splash!! Tub Fun with Ally

Too cute for words

Sitting in her chair

Meg and Dad at Christmas

Meg's first Birthday

sleeping at Grandma's

Waving with Uncle Michael

Blizzard of 96

Easter Time

The girls are all here

Pre-school graduation

Beach time fun in RI

Hair wraps at Great Adventure

Balloon Hats at a Met Game

kitchen @ 74th St

Meg and Mom

Brooklyn Museum of Art
Star Wars Exhibit

Basketball with Santa

petting Fluffy

Pulling Merlin's sword

first trip to Disney

Meg as Dorothy

Meg as Frodo

Christmas Kareoke with Tommy

Christmas Presents

Times Square at Christmas Time

Meg and her Saxophone




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