Tigger is a Shiba-Inu which is a japanese breed. Tigger's birthday is October 10th. Tigger's middle name "Thomas" is after my Dad, who I'm sure would be thrilled to know we named the dog after him!
Little Lady Roo
Little Lady Roo is a Pekingese, which is a Chinese breed. Her birthday is December 12th. She is named after Roo from Winnie the Pooh.
This is Gilly. He was our dog when I was younger. He was a great dog & I will always miss him.
Kodiack was the first dog Greg and I got when we moved into 74th St. She was a beautiful dog and got along well with everyone. Unfortunately we think she got poisoned. Our next door neighbor put out poison for the stray cats and we think Kodiack got some. It was a very sad day when she passed away.