Allyson Nicole

Allyson's Baptism, May 1989, Mother's Day

Aunt Clare & Baby Allyson

Grandma & Baby Allyson
First Summer Trips

What a Camper!

Watch Hill Rhode Island
Aunt Joan & Ally @ the Flying Horse Carousel

What could be better then picking apples with these guys!

Drinking some APPLEJUICE with Dad

Uncle Michael & Ally

Taking in the scenery

Even then she liked the Cherry Blossoms!

Matthew, Uncle "Ranger" Michael & Allyson 

I see a resemblance in the mouth

A Masterpiece

What a cool Bunny!

Too cool for my costume
Grandma's backyard

Baby practices the deadman float!

Wheee She's had enough!
Some First's

First Steps with Grandma

First Snowman

First Birthday Cake! 

First Book!
Various Camping Pictures

helping to build the campfire

Washing up!

Even better then a pool!

A little bit older this time

But really Ally, it's not anyones birthday

Hey What are we doing?
Original "First Buddy"

Hey, she's having a bad hair day, what can I say!

Hehe.. They want us to just lie here and do NOTHING?

Hugs all around!

Come on get up, it's faster that way!

Look Ma, I found her at the store, can I keep her?

So, tell me, what did Santa bring you?

Hi Ya! Wanna Play?

All I did was sit down!
Some more baby shots

Thanks a lot Uncle Dennis! Bet ya think this is cute

Don't disturb me Im resting!

YES, it's rubber duckie time again!

All dressed up and looking mighty cute!!
Aunts, Uncles, Cousins.. yep I got em all

Great Aunt Alice & Allyson

My Biggest Cousin, Matthew!

Uncle Michael, Look apples!

Great Aunt Elizabth & Allyson

Aunt Liza & Allyson

Glitter Here Aunt Liza!

I lost MY costume, But Liz's looks great